Thursday, May 31, 2012

Green card benefits for parents.?

I'm going to sponsor my parents for green card they are 67 and 56 years old. My questions are will they get medicare right when they come here if they suffer from any health issue? Also, will my 67 year old parent get any senior citizen kind of benefit like some money that gov grants?

Please no racist answers, only helpful.

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I have a green card and I cannot receive any federal assistance. I can receive state, because I'm a lawful resident of this state but no federal assistance whatsoever. No welfare, food stamps, Social security, medicare, etc. I can receive those once I become a citizen.
I CAN receive state assistance, which is unemployment, WIC and any other state funded programs.
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  • There are no benefits. They did not work and pay into Social Security for 10 years to become vested.

    The first 5 years you are responsible. After that they can sign-up for Medicare. However, since they are not vested in Social Security they will have to pay the full premium which is about $700 each, per month, at this time.

    If they are able to become US citizens they will be eligible for SSI after age 65. SSI is a kind of old age welfare program for those not vested in Social Security. However, SSI benefits max out at about $500 a month.

    I'm not sure by what you mean about "racist answers."
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  • Your parents are not eligible for any benefits. They have contributed nothing to this country,why would they be entitled to government benefits.
    If YOU are sponsoring them to come here,YOU are responsible for their medical bills and support,not the US taxpayers.
    After they have their green card for 5 years,they can get medicare,but they will have to pay for it themselves. That will cost at least $600 a month for each of them.
    They will never be eligible for SS unless they work and contribute to it for at least 10 years with a legitimate SSN.

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