Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Java Server Faces project stage
JSF  2.0 has introduced a new feature called project stage. Project stage is a new configuration option that allows the application developer/deployer to specify a hint to the JSF  implementation regarding the role of the current deployment. Valid values include:
  • Development
  • Production
  • SystemTest
  • UnitTest
This hint allows the JSF  implementation to optimize its behavior for the current stage. For example, the JSF  implementation might provide more verbose development-time diagnostics than would be practical for a production environment.
Doing this enables better error messages, including in the client side JavaScript, at the cost of some performance.
To enabled Project Stage in your web application put the following snippet in your web.xml file.

Access project stage using expression language

You can access the project stage using unified expression language :
javax.faces.PROJECT_STAGE configuration parameter 

Project stage enum source

JSF  source of ProjectStage enumeration in JSF  2.0
jsf project_stage
01.public enum ProjectStage
08.public static final String PROJECT_STAGE_JNDI_NAME ="java:comp/env/jsf/ProjectStage";
09.public static final String PROJECT_STAGE_PARAM_NAME ="javax.faces.PROJECT_STAGE";

Writing conditional code with  javax.faces.PROJECT_STAGE configuration

Getting the project stage from the FacesContext application object instance.
conditional project stage example
1.FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
2.Application application = facesContext.getApplication();
3.if (application.getProjectStage() == ProjectStage.Development) {
4.// Define development settings
Interrogating directly the FacesContext using the project stage enumeration
Spring java source
1.FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
2.if (facesContext.isProjectStage(ProjectStage.Development)) {
3.// Define development settings

troubleshooting project stage issuesTroubleshooting project stage issues

Impossible to change project stage (development)Impossible to change project stage away from development
Fix problem impossible to change project stage by migrating to JSF 2.1.2Migrate to JSF  2.1.2 The bug JAVASERVERFACES-2079 has been fixed in JSF  2.1.2
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