Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Building My First JavaFX Application Using Netbeans 7.1

Angela Caicedo, Oracle Technology Evangelist for JavaFX, has released a series of videos demonstrating how to build a simple JavaFX application using Netbeans 7.1. This video series is a great introduction to using JavaFX and takes the viewer through easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, including example code and showing the results along the way. These videos are highly recommend to anyone who is new to JavaFX and is looking for a quick getting started guide. 

The first video provides an introduction to the the application and shows viewers the end result of the exercises that will be demonstrated throughout the series. The second video (Part 1) demonstrates how to get started creating the application from an empty project to build your first JavaFX application in Netbeans 7.1. Instructions include defining the components, creating and inserting image packages, adding the resources you want to make available in your application, setting the clipping area for you image, and setting the style for your image to create a transparent window. The third video (Part 2) demonstrates how to handle events and binding in the sample application using JavaFX.
Watch the first 3 episodes now and stay tuned for future installments in this series on the Java YouTube channel.

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