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Benefits of Green Card to parents 65+

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Posted by rckalraf (227)   30 Apr 2009
What are real beneifts of a green card to parents 65+? Are they eligible for any social security benefits, medicare, medicade or some other assistance? Please keep in mind that Sponsors income could be viewed as he has given an affidavit of support, even if parents have no income or assets. They have never worked before in USA and in the present economic scenario, employment opportunies for senior are almost nil.
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Posted by chicagojlo (77)   12 May 2009
The only real benefit is that they don't have to get a visa to travel to and from the country any more. They don't qualify for medicare, they haven't paid anything into social security and as you said they aren't going to have much luck getting a job (or health insurance unless they are millionaires). Add in that they have to maintain residency here in order to keep green card status, and it starts to look bleak.

  1. for family based GC parents?

    Hi All,

    I am US citizen (thru naturalization) and planning to apply my parents family based GC.
    My question is about medical insurance to parents:

    1) Once their GC approved, are they qulified for Medicare?
    2) Can I claim them as dependents on W2?
    3) Can I add parents to my employer sponser insurance?
    4) If they are not covered under Medicare, what are my options?

    My father age is 75+ and diabetic and mother 65+. I really need the info on medical before proceeding to apply GC.

    Please answer the above questions as information on the web is lot confusing.

    Thx in advance
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    1. No.


    2. May be. The best thing would be to talk to your CPA.

    3. No.

    Read answer #1.

    4. The plans available at
    Thanks & Regards

    Toll Free: (866) INSU-BUY
    Local: (972) 985-4400
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    Although you cannot get medicare etc. you can certainly claim them as your dependants.. see below

    your 'additional' tax refund will easily adjust insurance premium..

    I am supporting my aging parents. Can I claim them as dependents on my tax return?You bet, even if they do not live with you for the entire year. But they must also pass the following IRS tests:

    1. They are a relative;

    2. They must be a citizen or resident of the U. S., Canada, or Mexico;

    3. Their gross income (e.g., capital gains, self-employment income and other taxable income) must be less than $3,400 in 2007 ($3,500 in 2008). Gross income does not apply to the nontaxable social security benefits or retirement distributions.

    4. A married parent can't file jointly unless the husband and wife have no libility when filing separately.

    5. You must provide more than more than 50% of your parent's total financial support during the year. If you share that responsibility with others (i.e., your sister and your two brothers), you must provide more than 10% of your parent's total financial support to claim an exemption for your parents (in addition to meeting the other tests). To do so, you must also obtain IRS form 2120 from each sibling/supporter who provided more than 10% of the support and who has agreed not to take the dependency exemption on their own return.

    Even if your parents do not quite qualify as your dependents, you might be able to still deduct medical expenses paid on their behalf. You have to pass all the above IRS guidelines, excluding the gross income.


      Indophile posted Re:Green Card for Parents? on 1 year ago
    1.  If they led productive lives in India, and as elders have people come to them for advice/counsel on all things, they will really need to adjust to life here. Specially if they never depended on anybody, they suddenly find themselves depending on you guys for every silly little thing, and that needs even more sdjusting. 2. They may love playing with your kids for a little while, but again, they may not want to be live in babysitters forever. 3. Some parents can adjust to doing something outside the house here. If they are like that, you are lucky. 4.  No idea. and on and on.

      Sasthi posted Re:Green Card for Parents? on 1 year ago
    Please don't bring them here...unless they speak English.  My MIL has a green card and initially it was all good and later on she was like her other DIL is much better...and all the comparisions and greed strains the relationship.  She kinda created this competition among us and initially we were racing for the best DIL contest and later it kinda back fired to my MIL and now all three of us don't talk to each other. Too much drama to handles and can't believe that she complained a lot about me with her and vise versa. They really don't know to appreciate things and balance out stuff.  They want to control the family from eating out, shopping, festivals and everything else...which is impossible and don't blame us for not baby sitting them. My MIL want to give company to us when we shop, she wants to control what we buy and also buy to all the ppl out there in desh and SIL kids, her sis's-son's-dd''s doesn't work out. Geez...this time she is very clear that she just want to stay with her eldest son and I am preparing for that. 

      Queen Bee posted Re:Green Card for Parents? on 1 year ago
    this  is bad.

      sm10 posted Re:Green Card for Parents? on 2 yrs ago
    If Parents are living independently, don't think of bringing them here.By doing so you will not only make your parents life miserable but also your family life at risk. They have lived all their life in India and they would like to pass their old age in India too.If possible make arreangements that they live comfortably in India rather then bringing them here. By filing for immigration you are imposing financial burden on your own family and also on parents too(i mean paying for health insurance,medical bills,etc.).This is 21st century and People want to live independently and that is the reason Joint families don't exist any more. Family problems would also put stress on kids life and would also affect husband-wife relationship. I have become an american Citizen and I still have not sponsored my parents. My mom is sick now and they are living independently without taking anybody's help in their very own house with self respect. And not only that, they don't want to take help of any kids. I am really proud of them. Yes if I would feel that they really need help I will go to India and stay with them and help them rather then bringing them here. Technology is developed in India also and you get good medical treatment in india too. Just sometime back my mom couldn't pass stool for 4 days and they called doctor at home and was helped and my mom was taken care of. I don't think we would have been able to take care of them like that. We have problem getting sick leave or day off even when kids get sick, to schedule for our own medical\dental appointments.Also it is better to take care of kids by ourselves rather then putting a load of responsibilities on them.Although the intention to bring parents is good, the result might end up into agony. And yes in case if you want to do it, do not do so against spouse wishes.

      -Aks- posted Re:Green Card for Parents? on 3 yrs ago
    Nice post to summarize queries which many desi kids in US think about as an option. What I want to know is the loophole wherein parent on GC obtains enough points by working on paper to qualify for SS/Medicare. Of course, in my personal case, this is not an option as parents simply refused. Best of luck in your learning/planning.    

      hellsangel posted Re:Green Card for Parents? on 3 yrs ago
    Read this very carefully: p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt"font face="Calibri" color="#800080" size="3"

      venus007 posted Re:Green Card for Parents? on 3 yrs ago
    Thanks Hellsangel, it gives a sad insight to this issue.  Reading things like this, we always tend to think that we are no where near to all the people mentioned in the article and that we are sophsticated, educated, well to do and basically different. We would not be ready to accept the fact that similar situations may arise in our lives too. I will be looking for more insights positive and negetive from others. Thanks.

    Green card for parent and health insurance: need input!

    started by artforever 1 year ago
    Hi! Just looking for some mother lives in India alone since a year and a half when my dad passed away. I am thinking of sponsering her for a green card and want to know if she should come first as a tourist before we start the process. Also wondering how we'd manage in case of a hospitalization without heath insurance (shes 82). I'm told that she is not eligible for medicare for 5 years until she becomes a citizen. Any advice from folks who have gone through this?? Also, does she have to live here continously for 3 years before she applies for citizenship? Any input will be appreciated. Thanks!!

    Flat Nested


      Uppili posted Re:Green card for parent and health insurance: need input! on 1 year ago
    Better for you to apply immediately and get her over here after GC. Otherwise, she will be an illegal (even if she came on Tourist visa) and she will be asked to go back to India for GC interview (unnecessary hassle). Yes, she wont get any health insurance. If she has a lot of medical problems, goooooood luck. If she is quite healthy, then hope you live in NY, CA, FL, OR, WA etc. Where there are community clinics where she can get routine care for a nominal fee ($20 to 50 per visit). For hospitalization, many democratic state govts. have "loopholes" to get her some kind of insurance once she has a GC and a SS #.  Even otherwise, the BCBS has a group program for those GC holders who are over 65 and ineligible for fed program. So first thing first: TALK TO A LAWYER AND APPLY If she has property; THEN STOP AND TALK TO AN TAX ACCOUNTANT first.

      artforever posted Re:Green card for parent and health insurance: need input! on 1 year ago
    Thanks much for the info. youve provided. Its very useful and I am so grateful. I didnt realize they have to go back for an interview. I live in NJ and will have to find out more about the laws and loopholes.

      NareshNaik posted Re:Green card for parent and health insurance: need input! on 1 year ago
    I got my parents Green card done when they were here in US in Minnesota. They came here on Visitor's Visa. There status chages once the GC process starts. They dont need to go to india for interview. My parents got their GC in 8 months righ tin US. Hope this helps.

      Chirag-Patel posted Re:Green card for parent and health insurance: need input! on 11 mnths ago
    Hi NareshNaik, when should application be filed for GC(I-130,I-485) from date of entry on visitor's visa for them?  I read lot of posts about dual intention that they entered on non immigrant visa and applied for immigrant visa so wanted to confirm with someone who had successful experience.  If you can share your email id with me would be great.


    1. Health insurance for Parents with Green Card and beyond

      I'm going to sponsor Green card for my parents who live in India currently. The only major issue I have is their medical insurance while they are in the US on a green card and after they get their citizenship. I have been told that they would not be eligible for medicare since they would not have contributed towards social security. I was also told that they won't be eligible for medicaid or federal medical assistance since they are sponsored and not refugees.

      The questions I have are as follows:
      1. What kind of insurance can I get for them while they are here on a GC and
      how expensive is it?
      2. After they get their citizenship does anything change, meaning would they
      be eligible for medicare or medicaid?

      Any information and help would be highly appreciated

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      Sun07 is offlineRegistered User
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      I would like to know this too.
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      wivnmgm is offlineRegistered User
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      Jul 2007
      There are a few spammers on this board, who check for posts like yours on a weekly basis and peddle their business. Please educate yourself well in these "health insurance" matters. There are a lot of these people out there to get your money.

      Check with your own insurance provider first on the coverage they offer. Some insurance providers will provide coverage for you and "one adult" besides your dependent children. This way, if you and your spouse both work and have independent health coverage, then you, your spouse, your children and one set of parents are covered.

      This is my understanding: To qualify for Medicaid your parents should meet both income and categorical eligibility requirements. If your parents are your dependents then they will not qualify for Medicare/Medicaid. If they are not your dependents and are US citizens, or they have worked/get wages and have contributed to the social security system continuously for 40 quarters they may qualify for Medicaid in some states. If they are your dependents you better shop around for a good/honest private health insurance provider. You may want to check with your local town/city Senior Center and other people in your local community and ask around.
      This is not legal advice.
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      Sun07 is offlineRegistered User
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      Sep 2003
      Where did you hear that if both are insured independently, one set of parents may be covered? I never heard anything like that. Parents are not considered dependents when it comes to employer sponsored health programes.

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      wivnmgm is offlineRegistered User
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      Jul 2007
      As I mentioned earlier, you will have to check with your insurance plan to see if dependent parents can be added. I know that my employer/insurance provider does allow this with my current plan. Having said that, let me reiterate that MOST employers/insurance providers don't include "parents" in their health plan's definition of qualified dependents.

      I'm not an insurance expert. I'm just sharing all of the little information that I know. You'll have to ultimately do your own research. HINT: Please do a web search for "sponsored dependents".
      This is not legal advice.
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      freebirdatlast is offlineRegistered User
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      Aug 2002
      Wivnmgm - Thanks for your advise. My employer's insurance doesn't allow parents to be added as dependents. I guess I will have to shop for private health insurance and bear the cost until my parents become US citizens.
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      McMahon is offlineRegistered User
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      Washtenaw County / Michigan
      Quote Originally Posted by freebirdatlast View Post
      Wivnmgm - Thanks for your advise. My employer's insurance doesn't allow parents to be added as dependents. I guess I will have to shop for private health insurance and bear the cost until my parents become US citizens.
      I think that even if your parents become US Citizens, this won't change anything to the fact that they would need to have contributed for years to be eligible for this type of health benefits.
      I have been told that they would not be eligible for medicare since they would not have contributed towards social security.
    8. #8
      freebirdatlast is offlineRegistered User
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      Aug 2002
      Yeah you are right. But I guess they will be eligible for medicaid after they become US citizens.
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      TheRealCanadian is offlineVolunteer Moderator
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      Jul 2002
      Atlanta, GA
      Quote Originally Posted by freebirdatlast View Post
      But I guess they will be eligible for medicaid after they become US citizens.
      Always gratifying to see another patriotic reason for becoming citizens! 
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      seemo14 is offlineRegistered User
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      Mar 2006
      hello, my mom became a us citizen last year, she got her citizenship because of disability,is there anyway to apply for any kind of health insurance?your answer is much appreciated
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      uhbiv is offlineRegistered User
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      Feb 2006
      After doing research for abt 6 mths, here is what we have done for our parents:
      Bought insurance @ 635/person under the La state health plan as that is our state of residence.
      Try contacting this company. This is the facilitator for various state run programs:
      Covenant Administrators
      678 258 8200
      800 680 8728
      try talking to Lisa Krutchfield(she is my facilitator)
      What state will your parents be residing in?
      Hope this works out for you.
      After they attain citizenship, they will automaticlly qualify for medicare.
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      freebirdatlast is offlineRegistered User
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      Aug 2002
      My parents are going to be residing in MN. And after they attain citizenship they won't automatically qualify for medicare. They might qualify for medicaid (federally sponsored medical assistance program)
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      Sun07 is offlineRegistered User
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      Sep 2003

      Did you mean $635/person per month or year?


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      tikutarzan is offlineRegistered User
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      Nov 2007
      You should read

      It describes many different options that people may think of for health insurance for elderly parents that come here on green card.
      Last edited by tikutarzan; 13th March 2010 at 01:04 PM.
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      tabaliya is offlineRegistered User
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      Quote Originally Posted by tikutarzan View Post
      You should read

      It describes many different options that people may think of for health insurance for elderly parents that come here on green card.
      The so called Bridge Plan:

      seems like an option - although not cheap it won't make you bankrupt versus not having any insurance at all. One of my colleagues, whose father had to be hospitalized recently (and eventually passed away) is looking at $150,000 or more in medical bills (not counting funeral expenses). So having an insurance policy for PR parents is perhaps prudent; else you can easily risk bankruptcy for serious situations.

      The Bridge Plan covers gaps until you become eligible for Medicare (for paid premiums after 5 years - no free coverage there either).

      I'm seriously considering going for this. Also in MN someone told me Blue Cross offers a plan. I'm about to find out and will share here once I know more.

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      dsmportal is offlineRegistered User
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      Jan 2008

      any update i know this post is very old just curious to know.

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      gc2live is offlineRegistered User
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      Oct 2007


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QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone Number
QuickBooks PRO Support Phone Number
QuickBooks Support Number

Mathew said...

QuickBooks Support Phone Number

QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number

QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone Number

QuickBooks PRO Support Phone Number

QuickBooks Support Number

QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number

Ankit Kumar said...
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Ankit Kumar said...

Contact Intuit QuickBooks Phone Number +1-888-396-0208 to get instant support and help from experts. Whichever product or version of QuickBooks you are using, you will get possible technical support for QuickBooks Phone Number from our experts.

Robert Elfed said...

The only number that you need to call for QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number?.QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number USA for instant removal QuickBooks Error, Dial toll free QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number 1888-567-1159.

Mathew said...

Here is the Support For Quickbooks Accouting Software .Searching for Quickbooks Support Phone Number ? Contact Quickbooks bolster number and get free QuickBooks Support from experts. Call 1888-567-1159 in case of Help . Call freely and get the best services from our technicians.

subhash yadav said...

Mathew said...

You may reach us through our talk benefit or direct approaching ourQuickBooks POS Support Phone Number 188-396-0208. One of our master professionals will go to your call and help you with additionally steps. We are accessible 24×7 to serve our one of a kind help administrations for POS blunders. This is an outsider association to serve paid client bolster benefit for getting prompt and bona fide determination for QB POS specialized blunders.

Mathew said...

Quickbooks Enterprise Support Phone Number

Quickbooks Enterprise Support Number

Quickbooks Enterprise Support

Quickbooks Enterprise Tech Support Phone Number

subhash yadav said...

Do not look any further if you were just looking for the official number for QuickBooks Payroll Support . We provide all the support services for QuickBooks. Many business owners, accountant, CA, CPAs use QuickBooks Full Service Payroll Support to get set up, calculate taxes and pay employees. But unfortunately, they do get various kinds of issues, errors for which they want to contact QuickBooks Basic Payroll Support or QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Support . Call us immediately !

Robert Elfed said...

That was a great read. I really like your writing style and how you explain certain things. I will be back to read more from you.We also provide Technical Support for QuickBooks Payroll , if you face any problem with your QuickBooks Payroll you can just click here. Or dial 1888-567-1159.

Pankaj Ahuja said...

QuickBooks and related programming. With an overall impression and years of inclusion in the business, we are best in business. Our QuickBooks masters are able at giving exceptional remote specialized support inclusion for all variations of QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number to help you instantly settle all issues and bungles that may hamper the execution of your item.

Mathew said...

QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number 1888-396-0208 offers industry-particular arrangements, strikingly for temporary workers, assembling and discount, philanthropies, and retailers. Quickbooks endeavor bolster stands special in the market as it has the best instrument which can help us to settle our any sort of Quickbooks related issues. They help to determine our concern in a split second and effortlessly.

rdsraftaar said...

QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number. Intuit QuickBooks for Mac helps small businesses get organized to save

time while managing their finances. The latest release puts the most important information and insights at small business’ fingertips.

Robert Elfed said...

Have you been facing any problems with your QuickBooks Merchant Services ? QuickBooks Payroll Tech Support Number.To download and install the QuickBooks you need a sufficient space on your computer hard drive. Before you install QuickBooks check the compatibility with your system, and download the right one suitable to your system’s Operating System. However, if you face any problem in finding the right version or need to help to install or set up the QuickBooks Payroll software
Dial 1888-567-1159 to contact us.

Pankaj Ahuja said...

Another reason for the popularity of the QuickBooks Tech is the support given to its users without any delay. As with other software, even Tech version is bound to fall at some point or another. To resolve any and all issues related to the software the best possible solution is the experienced QuickBooks support team at Quickbook Tech Support Phone Number 1888-396-0208.

Pankaj Ahuja said...

Safely get to and deal with your books from your PC, tablet, workstation, smartphones or cell phone whenever you pick.It’s genuinely simple to do your invoicing, accounting and charging as Intuit QuickBooks Online programming gives you the things you require most to maintain your private venture, across the board put. Simply call QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1888-396-0208 and we will guide you further.

lucky said...

Being a Texas based company, we specialise in giving users a seemless expereice while they are using QuickBooks. Dial +1-000-291-2485 or visit us QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number. Our agents are conversant with every error that can arise while using QuickBooks. They can easily help you in finding solution for a given error.

Mathew said...

happy. It tracks the inventory and customer’s information and carries various features to keep them coming back. It is to be noted that currently only QuickBooks Accountant version is available, that too only with the esteemed ProAdvisors program participants. QuickBooks POS Support

lucky said...

Being a Texas based company, we specialise in giving users a seemless expereice while they are using QuickBooks. Dial +1-000-- or visit us QuickBooks Payroll Support Number. Our agents are conversant with every error that can arise while using QuickBooks. They can easily help you in finding solution for a given erro

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Unknown said...

Online QuickBooks is designed in the most advanced way that introduces you industry-recognized safeguards to keep the majority of your accounting information secure, private, and ensured. Quickbooks 24x7 Tech support Number is available 24 hours for every day, 7 days every week.

Pankaj Ahuja said...

This kind of blunder happens when your items is facilitated by the Right systems. In the event that you get to your QuickBooks with Web Connect and after that select a document to open it without sparing, this QuickBooks Error 3371 message appears. You should need to spare your present document before import it while your item is associated by Right Networks. On the off chance that you are not ready to determine the issue individually and require help, call us at our toll free QuickBooks Error Support Number 1888-396-0208 and connect with our master professionals.

Ankit Kumar said...

QuickBooks is a main business bookkeeping programming that offers a total scope of bookkeeping answers for improve your business money related requirements. It engages you with all the correct devices and gives you the opportunity to get to your records, work together with your group, and deal with your business even in a hurry. A huge number of organizations around the globe depend on Quickbook Payroll Support Phone Number for their every day bookkeeping assignments.

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