Monday, July 9, 2012

How to Reset a 2003 Honda Radio

How to Reset a 2003 Honda Radio thumbnail
You'll need a code to reset your 2003 Honda radio.
Honda vehicles that have factory radios might sometimes need to be reset, for a number of reasons. You might need to reset the radio because of a dead battery or because the radio is malfunctioning. Resetting the radio on a 2003 Honda is a fairly simple task that does not require much concentration. Be sure you have the radio code for the vehicle, however. If you've lost the code, contact your Honda dealership with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to retrieve the code.


    • 1
      Insert your key into the Honda ignition, and turn the key to the second ignition function. This will provide battery power.
    • 2
      Turn on the radio. Enter the radio code by selecting the correct numbers on the radio keypad. Honda vehicles typically have a four-digit code. Enter the code correctly; your radio will be disabled for an hour if you enter the wrong code three times.
    • 3
      Check all the radio functions once the radio turns back on. The radio presets will no longer be on the radio if the car battery had died.

Tips & Warnings

  • Place the radio code in a secure area other than the vehicle. The radio code is a security device to prevent thieves from using the radio if it is stolen.

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