Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Tag Cloud for my Resume.

I'm revising my CV as I'll move to Nantes and I wanted to create aTag Cloud to illustrate my resume. Paul and Richard suggested to use wordle to generate the cloud but I wanted to generate it on the fly, for any language, whenever I want, etc...
so I stored my skills in a RDF file which looks like this:


en</span>"><span style="color: gray; ">JavaCC is a parser/scanner generator for java</span>
fr</span>"><span style="color: gray; ">Un generateur de parser pour java</span>


<span style="color: gray; ">Awk</span>

<span style="color: gray; ">Lex/Yacc & Flex/Bison</span>


Advantages: I can store the labels for various languages, use xml entities like  to quickly change a color, etc...

This XML file is then transformed with the following XSLT stylesheet

And (tada !) here is the result

Astronomy | Awk | Bash | BerkeleyDBBiking |Bioinformatics |Blogging | C | C++ | CGI | CSS |CVS | CodeWarrior | Derby | Drawing |Eclipse | GCC | Genetics | Glassfish |HTML | Hadoop | Hibernate | HsqlDB |Java | Javacc | JavascriptLex/Yacc | Linux | Mac |MicroBlogging | Molecular Biology |Mozilla/XUL | MySQL | NetBeansPHP | Perl | Postscript | Python | RDF |Rails | Ruby | SPARQL | SQLIte | SVG |SVN | SysBase | Tomcat | Virology |Windows | XML | XSLT

Waves... :-)

(And the icing on the cake : it is a RDFa output).

Note: Pawel Szczesny did great job for his CV too.


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