Tuesday, December 31, 2013

BridgeIt Features

BridgeIt enables any web application to access a wide range of mobile device capabilities using a simple JavaScript API. BridgeIt is supported on the most popular mobile platforms, offering the features illustrated in the table below.

Mobile Demo

The BridgeIt mobile demo shows the various native integrations in action. Have a mobile device? Try it out. Scan the QR Code (right) with your device or go to the demo.
View the Mobile Demo »
BridgeIt Demo QR Code


No downloads required!
You can start using BridgeIt without downloading anything. The BridgeIt script is hosted at: 
Simply add it to your page and you are off and running. The native BridgeIt utility app will be installed automatically when your web application requires it.

Getting the Script

Stable Hosted versions:
Bleeding edge on GitHub:

Getting the Native Apps:

The BridgeIt utility app will be installed automatically on the mobile device when needed, or you can install one yourself.
Get BridgeIt on the Apple App Store
Get BridgeIt on Google Play
Get BridgeIt on the Windows app store

Getting Started with BridgeIt

is as easy as 1, 2, 3…
1. Include the BridgeIt JavaScript in your page

2. Attach a BridgeIt call to some action element on your page, and provide a callback to handle returned values from BridgeIt. For instance, a button to retrieve a contact from the address book...
bridgeit.fetchContact('myId', callback);
3. Access the page from your mobile browser. If the BridgeIt utility app is not already installed, you will be prompted to do so. Once the BridgeIt utility app is installed, your application can access all of BridgeIt's native features.

Getting Started Video

Docs & Tutorials


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