In this tutorial, we show you how to integrate AspectJ annotation with Spring AOP framework. In simple, Spring AOP + AspectJ allow you to intercept method easily.
Common AspectJ annotations :
  1. @Before – Run before the method execution
  2. @After – Run after the method returned a result
  3. @AfterReturning – Run after the method returned a result, intercept the returned result as well.
  4. @AfterThrowing – Run after the method throws an exception
  5. @Around – Run around the method execution, combine all three advices above.
For Spring AOP without AspectJ support, read this build-in Spring AOP examples.

1. Directory Structure

See directory structure of this example.
directory structure of this example

2. Project Dependencies

To enable AspectJ, you need aspectjrt.jaraspectjweaver.jar and spring-aop.jar. See following Maven pom.xml file.
AspectJ supported since Spring 2.0
This example is using Spring 3, but the AspectJ features are supported since Spring 2.0.
File : pom.xml