Sunday, October 6, 2013

Java Interview Questions

Industry : Leading Payroll Company in US
Position : Java Developer
Type of Screening : Telephone
Date : 09/13/2013
  1. Can you briefly explain your current project and your technical skills and your role in the project?
  2. What are final, finally and finalize keywords in Java?
  3. What is a Factory Design Pattern?
  4. What other Design Patterns have you used in Java?
  5. What is the process to persist data in Java?
  6. What are Joins in SQL?
  7. Can you explain Left Outer Join in SQL?
  8. Lets assume you are trying to connect to database using Hibernate, can you briefly explain the steps?
  9. What are different types of injections in Spring?
  10. What is WSDL?
  11. What is PortType in WSDL?
  12. Can you explain the structure of a SOAP Message?
  13. What are different aggregation types in UML?
  14. What is SQL injection?
And some general discussion on the projects and technologies. Over all interviewer focused on the following topics -
Core Java
Web Services
Answers to the questions are left as an exercise to the readers!

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